Good morning Church,

I had this spiritual battle for about 2 years where I would constantly see a dead friend of mine in my dreams. It would always cause me to worry and panic when I wake up because I could never understand the dreams and I knew it was never a good sign to see dead people in the dream. In these dreams I would always be confused and ask questions to the person because I was conscious in the dream that the person was dead. It got so frequent that I was dreaming every other night. I became scared of sleeping and waking up in fright because of these dreams.

I’ve been in HOD for well over a year and I thank God for Pastor Sola’s teachings that we don’t necessarily need deliverance, because I had considered it a couple of times to go for deliverance as it seemed like the dreams were getting worse even though it was one of my major prayer points. 

On the 31st of Dec 2022, at the cross over service, Pastor Sola asked us to pray about something we didn’t want to follow us into 2023, I prayed desperately with faith that it would be the end of those dreams and I didn’t want that in 2023 anymore because it was affecting my peace. 

I want to testify that since that night I forgot I used to have those dreams till about the end of January and still no dreams and till this day I have not had such dreams. I want to thank God for delivering me from the torment of the devil and restoring my peace.

Sister E.V