Good morning Church

Early this year I got laid off work unjustly, and I went back to having no source of income. It was so tough because my husband had to take care of all the bills and it was weighing down on us terribly considering he had to sort out a lot of things at the same time.

It had become so bad that we had tough times doing basic things for our family. We’ve been praying and trusting God for another source of income and I’ve been submitting CVs and asking for help. But it seemed nothing was working.

One of the Sundays after service I met with Pastor Joshua, asked for counsel concerning my career, and then asked him to pray with me. That same week, a family member called me, and asked me the amount I needed to start a business and get the basic resources I needed for the business.

The next week, I got an alert that could afford me to buy the basic tools for my business and establish myself. God is indeed good. I am grateful to God for his provision and I know I’m coming back with more jaw breaking testimonies.