Good Morning, church.

On the evening of February 5th, the final day of Mercy Conference 2023, a relative of mine reached out and told me how a certain new boss at the office had refused to approve her new contract letter in a multinational company. Due to her satisfactory work delivery, the other senior directors signed and approved the letter for a new contract, but the boss refused to sign the papers and even questioned the others who signed. So, my relative had to leave the company.

Upon hearing this, I shared with her a scripture that I received during the service on Sunday, Phil 3.21, and we kept praying for the approved letter with it. We declared a 5-day ultimatum for the woman to approve the letter. As God would have it, she got a call on Feb 16th that the letter had been signed and approved and she was requested to resume on March 1st. I thank God for favour and victory! The word works! Prayer works! 

Secondly,for a long while, I’ve been trusting God for contracts as there has been a drought since last year. At the end of Pastor Joshua’s message on Wednesday, February 22, he asked that we put the word we’ve just heard to work. He asked the congregation to say a prayer asking for our heart desires. I obeyed and simply prayed as instructed, asking God for the drought in my business to be over. 

That same night, at 10.55 pm, not up to 2 hours after I got home, a foreign client reached me with a contract in mind. I couldn’t help my joy. We closed the deal that night with the expected converted Naira payment in six figures. I laid on the floor in complete awe of God’s faithfulness.

Indeed, God answers Prayers. Even short, simple Prayers.