Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I grew up in the North and have always wanted to have a family home in Jos.

Although I had bought a plot of land there sometime in 2015, life kept advancing in different directions and I had to put off the development to prioritize other things. 

In 202, I decided to start doing something on the plot since retirement keeps getting closer with each year. However, I found out  that the former district head of the community had passed on and his son who is the new district head had left a message for me to forgo about 25% of the property or risk being taken to court – and any development on the property stopped indefinitely.

I tried to get the people who were witnesses to the purchase in 2015 to intervene and prove to him that the property was acquired legally and I have all the documents to back it up. He remained unyielding and stopped allowing access to his premises so we had to stop trying to see him. 

We started the work in faith and trusting God for favour since we had not done anything illegal and the project needed to start moving forward. We kept praying about it and left the matter in God’s hands.

Just after 1st service today 4th December 2022, I got a call from the District Head (the same person that had stopped responding to the people I sent to reason with him) and without any incentive he has released us to continue the work without having to demolish any part of the building.

This was something that had the potential to be a prolonged court case but God resolved it just like that!

God is indeed good and his mercies endure forevermore!

Bro. A.A.A