I am just 2 months old here as a member and I must admit that GOD is indeed HERE most especially during weekly WEDNESDAY SERVICE 

For the past 9 months, I battled a serious spirit of lack – always broke even when money flows through my 2 businesses. I was soaked in debt but with my status out there, no one would believe I was broke because people came to me for assistance. I owed my workers for months and I have over 20 permanent staff. 

For months now, I placed 3 of my properties for sale, and another unoccupied house for rent. No buyer was serious  and no tenant was coming. I got tired. I kept borrowing to pay overdue debts. In fact, it was frustration that brought me here to church. I hadn’t taken religion seriously for almost 10 years, until I was driving by and saw cars parked outside this church and was later told it was a conference around February.  From that day I stepped into this church, I have never stopped till date. My wife and kids joined me and they have been more than happy, especially the inner joy we experience mostly after Wednesday services. 

Some Sundays ago, Pastor said he was not going to stress us with continuous announcements on the MERCY SEAT project and narrated how 5 people can sum up to get 1 million. I was touched  and I immediately pegged my problems to that SEED OF FAITH. I Immediately uttered a promise to God that if I can sell one of my properties within 1 week, I would give N500,000 towards the mercy seat project 

On Wednesday 7th April 2023, during the praise worship I asked God to rescue me from the financial mess that has swallowed me. I also reminded GOD of my mercy seat seed of faith and when Pastor preached during that Wednesday service, he talked about praying the right way, for the right purpose.  I went home that night emboldened with a feeling of a miracle already sealed from above. 

The next morning, I got a call that a strange new buyer for one of my properties was showing immediate interest to pay the same day. I was pressured to set up a meeting the next day and that same day, they made a deposit by mobile transfer. They met on Easter Tuesday to make the complete payment.  I immediately sent in my seed of faith. The very next day, I got a new tenant for one of my properties that has been vacant for months, they paid that same day, 

Two days later, I got a refund that I have almost lost hope on – they paid cash! 

Looking at months of siege and financial stagnancy being SUDDENLY cleared within 10 days, THIS IS INDEED A MIRACLE FOR ME! 

I have paid off almost 90% of my debts to my creditors and staff, and now I can sleep with my heart calm 

OUR GOD  IS HERE indeed!