Good Morning dear family of God,

I want to share my testimony to the Glory of God. I worked in the hospitality industry as one of the accountants and it was quite hectic as it is a new terrain for me. Having worked here for a while, I calculated the growth pattern and I realized there was nothing here for me so I started praying to God for a change of workplace while I scouted for another job.

And God did it o! God just mesmerized me! My Managing Director called for a meeting with me and I was wondering what the meeting was as I only relate with her in our general management meeting. She asked after my well being and the next thing I heard was “YOU HAVE BEEN PROMOTED TO THE ROLE OF AN OPERATIONS MANAGER” and then she asked me if I had something to say.

People of God my mouth opened o but no words came out. As if that was not enough, I was given an official car oh!(see me wey nor sabi drive oh). Heeyyy Chukwu di nma (God is good)!!!!I have been waiting for my letter and finally it landed and it has GENERAL MANAGER instead of the OPERATIONS MANAGER I was expecting – so it’s an even bigger promotion.

God is too good oooo. See ehn, God is too faithful to fail!