Praise the Lord Church! 

So my House rent was due at the end of May and I was trusting God for a miracle because I literally had nothing in my account and as a fashion designer, customers hadn’t been bringing major orders heavy enough to pay my rent so I pleaded with my Landlord to give me till July. 

During the Vigil before the special mercy encounters, I specifically asked God to bring in major orders so  I would be able to pay the rent at the beginning of the following week which was the first week in July. Right there at that vigil, I got a major order placement from the UK, although the money wasn’t sent at that point. Fast forward to the special Mercy encounters itself, I still prayed about it and I got yet another major order placement from another person in the UK. Again, money wasn’t sent immediately. Then on Sunday, I sowed a Seed during the offering. I got another major order yet again from Nigeria, but all three orders weren’t paid yet.

 BUT!! On Monday Morning, all three people sent their money almost at the same time which is quite strange and miraculous to me. I was able to immediately pay for my rent exactly as I asked God, and also settle some major bills too.  

God is Indeed In HOD. Hallelujah.