During the just-concluded ASUU strike, I applied for a financial certification course and I got it through a fully funded scholarship. Taking the course was a long stretch since I am only a finance student and I was attempting a professional-level certification. The course completion was successful to the glory of God and all that was left was a final exam to be fully certified.

I failed it on my first attempt and had to retake it. I encouraged myself, sought some help, and took it a second time. I failed again, with an even lower score. I believed that God was curating an experience that would birth a knowledge of Him in my heart so I forged on. On my third trial, I failed it yet again with a score that was 2 points away from the pass mark. This time, I cried but the Holy Spirit reminded me to be grateful for the opportunity to rewrite the exam. So, I changed and started thanking God. The fourth
attempt was last Sunday. I prayed and prepared. After listening to the sermon on shutting the devil out, I made sure no negative words proceeded out of my mouth.

God gave me Zechariah 4: 6-7 and I kept declaring that I would cross the hurdle. Lo and behold, I passed the exam and it was truly like a dream. I am 20 years old now and have a professional financial certification!

Thank you, Lord, for the light of your countenance and favour. Thank you, Pastor Sola, for your instructions in righteousness. Thank you, Pastor Abby and the entire church leadership.