Good morning Church,

I have come to give God praise for healing me. On Thursday i got back tired from work and decided to sleep before coming to church for prayers. I woke up late and thought to just stay back and not go for prayers, then a voice said “the day a word for you is coming you are deciding not to attend”. I got up,
freshened up and left the house for church, while praying for protection because I have never left the house that late.

During the prayers, while we walked round the church, I felt this sharp pain at the side of my stomach which the doctors said was a fibroid and when I touched a part of my stomach, I felt a growth that wasn’t there before. The pain has been on and off and pain only comes when I’m walking. I kept believing God for total healing.

During the prayers, I got to the altar, stretched my hand and was praying for the light of God over the Household of David, then I saw Pastor Sola holding my hand. It came as a flash. Immediately, Pastor Sola said he feels something strong in his right hand and that someone just got healed of Fibroid.
He called for those with internal pain or any illness so he could lay hands on them. I came out and from that moment, I felt the power of God so strong that I could feel it moving around my body.

The pain is gone, I walked around the church that night and didn’t feel any pain. I kept touching my stomach to see if I could feel the growth but I couldn’t find anything! I had to lie down properly to check – the growth and the pain are gone!
I wanted to scream but tears just kept flowing from my eyes and all I could say was “Thank you Jesus!”
Please, don’t joke with prayer – it awakens your senses for instruction and direction not to miss what God has for you.

My heart is filled with joy.

Praise God
Sister K.C