Good day Church, 

I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life. On 11th of June, Pastor Sola preached about the importance of the spoken word. I have been speaking casually and have not really been serious about it. But, when I got home that Sunday, I spoke like never before and during my morning devotion that Monday, I chewed the word like a gum to my work place. 

Some minutes before my closing hours, a friend of mine called me and in our discussion, he asked me “what do you want?” and I said I want to change my wardrobe. He laughed and said send me your account details…BRETHREN!!! It was an amount  I have Never received in my life as gift. It didn’t end there when the money landed in my account I was blank. I decided to rethink if I really wanted to change wardrobe with such amount of money. So I delayed. I spoke the word again the next day.

 He called me a day after and told me he knows I won’t buy clothes with the money,he came to my work place and bought clothes worth thousands of naira for me. When he was done he looked at me and said “it’s like God answered the prayer you prayed in church on Sunday because I don’t know why I am here” I smiled and said “the word”

 He didn’t understand but I understood the transaction.  E dey work oooo.