Good day Church,

 God is indeed, A Wonder.

After having a miscarriage during our first pregnancy in 2020, conceiving again became a serious issue. Weeks turned to months, months turned to a year. Yes, the faith was strong, but at the same time, we started getting different advice & suggestions from friends and families. One advice which challenged our faith was when someone said, we would need to appease the Marine spirits before we can conceive. Of course, it was not what we adhered to, but there has to be results to prove them wrong.  We met with pastor Sola & what he casually said was “shebi if you have a baby, they won’t disturb you again ………” We all smiled and chorused “yes ooo”. Then and there, he said “in 9 months time you shall have your baby”. He prayed for us and we left.

Coincidentally and Miraculously, that was the day the pregnancy test became positive after several negative results. You know that feeling of instant miracle. Yes, that feeling.

 All through the pregnancy, Pastor Abby and other church leaders were praying with us and always checking up on our welfare.

 Church, we had our baby. No complications, no stress, no appeasing of any marine spirit, mother and child are doing so fine.

Praise the Lord.

Brother & Sister O.A