Exactly 2 days after Chronicles of Mercy as instructed by God through Pastor Sola,  on Monday the 28th of November 2023, I was in my kitchen trying to heat up a little meal in my pot so I struck the match to light the gas camp gas but it did not come on. I tried it several times but still no luck. I wondered what could have happened considering it was the same gas I used the previous day.  I began to try everything, even removing the regulator trying to see if there was still gas in it as it seemed as if it was empty. I put it on and there was no noise. I fixed it back then I lit the gas again then boom!! the cylinder went up in flames.

In confusion I was shouting “Jesus Jesus Jesus” staring, confused. I didn’t know what to do.  Next, I thought and poured water on it 3-4 times to no avail. Just then, a thought came calmly “Pull out the cylinder”. For a few seconds, I thought of the implications of doing that but at last I did. As I did that, the fire went off and that was how I dropped it on my balcony. To the glory of God.

I thank God for the name of Jesus and the quiet still voice of the holy Spirit and the grace to be instructed no matter the risk .Thank you Jesus for shaming the devil again. I return all the praise to the Lord The Doer of all things. Nothing missing, nothing broken.

Sis R.E.

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