Good morning Church,

I have come to give God the glory for how he came through for my family and I. Last year was one of the most challenging years we experienced in my family. From our dad falling seriously ill, to him losing his job to the family being separated after so many years which led to us having to move out of Lagos for a while. I could not attend church any longer because of the distance and things became so bad that we went from eating steadily to trusting God for toothpaste to brush. I could not even attend the Higher ground Conference. I remember how me and my sister will be praying every night like God we just wanted to attend the conference.

Brethren against all these wicked odds God finally came through for us. One of my uncles, who is the only extended family member that we still have contact with, got us an apartment in Lagos and that was how we were able to move back to Lagos and God answered my prayer to attend the Higher Ground Conference. How the transport fare was provided is still a mystery – indeed, God really came through.

Also God provided jobs for me and my sisters miraculously. I remember it was during Mercy Encounters October Edition I could not attend physically but I streamed online while others were giving testimonies of miracle jobs deep down I was like “I know that one day I will come to testify “and the next month I got the job with no interview or anything and I was asked to start immediately.

I am really grateful to God because I know for a fact that I and my family are not where we were by this time last year.

Also during last Mercy Encounters Pastor Sola by the Holy Spirit led a prayer concerning Mercy Seat about God providing a seed and to the glory of God, God provided a seed and helped me to sow the seed and not swallow it.

I have come to give God all the glory. Thank you Jesus.


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