Good morning church,

The year 2023 was a very challenging year for my family. My husband’s business went down to no sales at all. In addition,  we were pregnant. I had to leave my job when the pregnancy was at 6 months  because at that time I hadn’t been paid for 4 months. Our baby practically fed us because we lived on cash gifts that family, church members and friends gave our baby.

We held onto God’s word and Pastor Sola, members, friends and family also joined us in prayer and strengthened us.  The devil struck again to test the words we received – our landlord served us quit notice.

We continued praising God.  Few weeks after Pastor Sola prayed for us, the outstanding salaries were released on the 3rd of January this year after 13 months.

This is an assurance that this is the beginning of our overflow.

Thank you Jesus!


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