Good day church,

I want to give glory to The Name of The Lord for sparing me 3 days to the new year. It happened on Thursday Night at about 11 pm while I was coming from the island to the mainland after a work event at TBS.

After moving a bit from where I parked, I heard some sounds from the car, I alighted to check but I didn’t see anything physically wrong, so I just assumed it’s one of the normal car challenges with the hope that I will manage it to the house and get my mechanic to come fix it later on.

While on my way and after getting deeper into the Third Mainland bridge, the sound from my car became unpleasant and uncomfortable, I had to reduce my speed and move gently. People of God, while approaching Ogudu Bus Stop, my steering wheels became uncontrollable and before I could place one or two together, one of my front tires popped out from my car and bounced off the expressway into a food pop-up stand.

At this point, I really cannot say how I left the high-way to the roadside, as there were trucks and trailers coming behind me. I just miraculously found myself at the roadside away from the express with no scratch on my body.

People of God, how my tire veered off my car and didn’t cause a third party harm or injury is still a miracle as it didn’t hit anyone or any car but just poured some rice from the food vendor away.

After inquiry, it was discovered that three studs/nuts had broken from that tire wheel; how and when it broke is still a mystery till now.

I was able to find a temporary solution that night and also a permanent solution later on. As I write, the car is presently in church with us now in perfect condition.

This was just three days to the New Year. I thank God for preserving my life.

Glory to God

Bro O.A

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