Good morning church,

I am now a verified graduate!

During my 500L(final year) first Semester examination, I discovered that 2 courses were removed from my registered courses. This automatically meant my name was not on the attendance list for those courses and even if I wrote the exams, it won’t be recorded for me – meaning an automatic extra year. The department tried to help me write to the Vice chancellor to allow the ICT department register the courses for me so I can see the result but the letter was rejected.

I paid school fees the next session and I passed the courses again. Then it was time for my status on the student portal to change from “active” to “graduated” with the new set I graduated with but it didn’t change for over three weeks.

Last Sunday, Pastor preached about how we should react to situations and I keyed into all the instructions he gave. I changed my mindset totally about the portal that refused to change. I started thanking God because it is done already and I was happy as if the portal was already changed. I was home on Monday listening to a worship song and I was led to message one of the lecturers in the department who happens to be the Dean of the department (someone I have been calling for weeks and he kept giving me promises that it’ll change and that I shouldn’t worry). I messaged him as I was instructed by the Holy Spirit and I introduced myself to him again. He checked his records if my results were part of the approved results which he confirmed to me immediately. He told me to send a reminder message to him the next day.

I messaged him again the next and it was as if someone told him to leave what he was doing to go straight to the Senate office to resolve the issue. Within a few minutes ,the man called me that he was already at the Senate and they’re on it. People of God! Within 5 minutes, the Dean called back immediately that I should check my portal before he leaves the place. I checked my portal and I saw “Graduated” not only that but with “Second class honours (upper division), despite how I had an extra year.

I am here to give God all the glory for wiping away my tears of almost a year. The Lord remembered me for good.

Thank you Jesus for this!


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