I really do not know how to start this testimony, my first testimony is long overdue, this happened in February. God miraculously cleared up a debt I had, during one of the Wednesday meetings (mercy encounters) pastor Shola asked us to call forth or declare what we want to see in 7 days, this was the first Wednesday meeting after the mercy conference I think, I prayed that day with faith and called forth a few things, being debt free was on the top of my list.

It had been 5 days and I had lost hope and had even forgotten that on the 3rd day I jokingly sent a post to my cousin abroad about the exchange rate telling him to send 500 pounds and we laughed about it. Then he said he’d send 50 and I should send my account number – pounds was about 1800-1900 at that time. I forgot about it given that there was no response for two days. On the 5th day. I received the money from my cousin, I used that to pay off part of the debts I had.

On the 7th day I was at a friend’s and he said he heard me crying at night, I lied and said I was just praying. He sat me down and pressured me into speaking and I just explained the whole situation to him. The next thing he said was he’d give me the money. I laughed and said it’s not time to play please. I was traveling that day and had to start packing. In less than 10 minutes. I received more than 700,000 naira – the exact amount I needed to clear up all the loans I had left. I stayed in my room and cried because that was the 7th day after I made that prayer.

The second testimony is quite short. Recently after moving to my place and since I haven’t cooked in a very long time I decided to do so. On Sunday, I wanted to warm the stew I made. I put it on fire and went about to do other things and I totally forgot that I had put it on fire. This was around 8-9pm and at 12am, I was feeling really hungry and decided to get something I could munch on in the kitchen. Immediately I saw the pot I remembered and looked at the knob, the gas was still on but the fire was out. I didn’t smell any gas and couldn’t make sense of it given that the gas was still full. I looked at the cylinder, lo and behold it was turned off from the cylinder and I’m 1000% sure I wasn’t the one that turned off that cylinder. I thank God for saving me again, this was an eye opener that I had a long overdue testimony.


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