Good morning family

I want to thank God for showing up for me immediately

On a Sunday in March, someone testified about their proneness to indebtedness and how God delivered them from it and the constant need to always sort things out themselves.

I sat on my seat thinking of how I had just asked someone to borrow me money to complete a task, I felt stirred in my spirit, so I reached out to the person and told them I wouldn’t be needing the money anymore, I gave an offering in the first service and in the service I felt a very strong urge to give again, the money is my bag was quite small, so I was a bit shy about giving it, but I did anyway.

Barely an hour later I was in a conversation with someone and without me asking they transferred enough money to cover my need at that point

God truly answers immediately.

I also want to thank God, because I am currently taking a course that is paid for in dollars, without having to pay a penny myself as it was paid for by others.


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