Praise the lord church!

We are the ones who found mercy.

My mom and brother traveled to the US two years ago. Their visa was granted for only two years so by March this year, it was set to expire but they wanted to stay longer. In March, they got an email from the embassy informing them of their need to leave the US, but with an extension of one month allowing them to sort out whatever needed to be sorted before their exit. It was our eldest sister who called to inform us of this and as soon as she finished speaking, we were led to pray right there on the call. During the prayer, I heard in my heart that we should just ask for mercy and so I did over the next few days. When I got home that day, a song about mercy rang in my head, so I played it out and sang along. Lo and behold, they got a “NO OBJECTION” letter the same week that the extension was supposed to end. This letter grants them the opportunity to stay for as long as they want.

Secondly, sometime last year, I began to notice symptoms of pile. It got worse over time and sometimes sitting for long would put me in a lot of pain. I had prayed about it several times, whilst also watching my diet but it was never easy. Sometimes, the pain would go away after praying but it would come back and I would consider going to the hospital instead.

On the 17th of March when Prophet Oluwole Akinlaja came, he led us to make declarations and I keyed into it very strongly. After that day, I wasn’t completely fine but I kept remembering what he would have us say. So I would say that I am healed and I was healed on the 17th of March by the stripes of Jesus. I’ve come to testify to the total restoration of my health.

God is merciful and kind and I give Him all the glory. Join me in praising God, church. He has done great things for us!

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