Good morning church, I have waited to have  my testimony read on this altar for a longggg time and GOD finally surprised me. Over the past few months, I have been really devoted to pastor’s messages and studying the word. After one of the messages, I sat and asked myself if I really trusted GOD to handle all my cares. I then realized I had faith in GOD but most times after prayers, I tend to find solutions by myself, I become worried and I don’t completely trust him. Afterwards I prayed, asked him for forgiveness and I decided to fully release all and put all my worries at his feet.

During the October edition of mercy encounter, I had 2 personal prayer points. One was GOD taking over my financial situation and the other was a very disturbing headache I had for the past 3 months. The headache was so bad that I had to stop working. When it began, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t bend, it was just bad.

After Mercy encounters, I felt that peace within me that my prayers were already answered even though the headache worsened as I went home and even throughout the day, I kept thanking GOD that I was healed. I knew the devil wanted me to question GOD but I ignored it like it wasn’t even bothering me.

On Sunday after service, the devil kept asking me how I was going to go about my week. There were important things I needed to purchase that week but I had #0.00 in my account but again I kept saying I AM MARVELOUSLY HELPED.

Lo and Behold, Monday night around 7pm, I got a message from a friend I had requested a loan from around June for my business. He agreed to give me but he later ghosted me saying something came up. He messaged and said “I know you are upset and I’m sorry, I don’t want to explain about what happened then, I just want to make it up to you”. I was like, “no, I’m not upset and it’s fine” but he insisted I should ask him anything. I was surprised and I didn’t even know what to say and he then said, “you know what, don’t say anything, I have your details” and he immediately forwarded an amount in 6 figures.

I couldn’t believe I went from #0.00 in my account to a 6 figure I never asked for. Church!!!, GOD is a great GOD and it’s indeed my season of Marvelous Help.

Lastly, the headache of 3 months never came back after mercy encounters.

I Give GOD all the glory!!!!!

Mrs O.A

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