Good Morning Church,

Last year, just before my wedding, I was told I had fibroids but it wasn’t something to be concerned about . However, it shook me because my mom had a long delay before having me as her first child. I have heard too many times that Satan has set me up for the same experience but I shook it off prayerfully anytime I remembered. Hearing I had fibroid was almost confirming that I might have my mom’s experience.

During the vigil before the mercy conference, the very first day I joined, Pastor Sola was led to lay hands on everyone with issues in the womb or stomach and I joined that night. I later found out that it was within a few days of that experience  that I got pregnant.

In February, For no explainable reason, we lost our car to a fire accident but the miracle is that, with the help of others, we were able to get another car within the space of two weeks. God raised people to assist us in every way and for us it was a miracle

In March, I started experiencing severe pains in my lower abdominal region. It was so bad that we had to visit the doctor. The gynecologist’s conclusion was that it was  “A threatened miscarriage because of fibroid”. I could literally hear the enemy’s voice saying I would lose the child. I felt so threatened. I had to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring. What helped my faith was when Pastor Tutu and Pastor Desola called to pray for me. It helped me deal with the overwhelming fear I was experiencing. After some days, I was discharged with so many drugs to relieve the pain which was barely helpful. On the Sunday of that week, I came to church expectant that El-Roi would surely see me and he did. I decided not to take the given drugs yet before first service. In that service, Pastor Sola rebuked pain and fibroid. Oh, I felt as if God called Pastor Sola because of me, I felt so blessed to be a part of the church. Interestingly, after prayers the pain multiplied as if the prayers made it worse but I took it all in and insisted. Before the end of the service, the pain was almost totally gone. By the next day I was back to my normal self

During Mercy Encounters in April, The Lord through Pastor Sola declared May a month of upgrade. In that same month, my organisation decided to implement a salary upgrade. This upgrade was almost 100% of my previous salary. For me, it was indeed an upgrade and miracle because we really needed that increase in our finances.

During June’s Mercy Encounters, we were led to pray and I prayed for my brother. My brother was posted to Kano from his workplace. He witnessed all the election drama that happened in his region at Kano. We started trusting God for relocation to somewhere close to home. Just the next day after Mercy encounters, he was offered to be relocated to Ibadan. The entire process of relocation was God’s intervention. Every roadblock he experienced, once I mention it at Mercy encounters there was always an intervention of God. Now he has been relocated to Ibadan to a department that he long desired to be posted to.

For me and my household, we have greatly benefited from words and blessings that the Lord has released upon the household of david.

In September, we had our baby. Though I was in labour for days, God sent help and my life and that of the baby were spared

We have indeed enjoyed God’s mercy on all sides.


Mrs A.S



    Good morning Church.

    I struggled with my finances for years. I was working hard but had little to show for it. Due to my low income, I thought God would understand if I gave no tithe. I could barely feed with the little I was making.

    Earlier this year, pastor Sola preached a sermon on tithing. He told us how Rick Warren and his wife gave 90% of their income and lived on 10%. I wondered how they had such faith to do so. Then Pastor Sola added, if you can’t give God 10% from the little you are making , retaining it won’t add anything to you. Right there in the service, I told God I was done struggling with my finances. I told Him He can trust me with money. I decided right there that I would give God 15% of my income. That was how I started giving God 15% tithe. It was not easy but I trusted God. Within 2 to 3 months of giving my 4 digits tithe (I was earning less than 100 thousand naira), God opened a major door for me. My 4 digits tithe increased to 5 then 6.
    I promised God that no matter how much He gives me, I won’t be tempted to give less than 15%.
    In addition, I used to be troubled and confused but God has given me peace on all sides.
    Thank you so much pastor Sola. I am glad to be a member of HouseHold of David.

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