Good Morning church,

First service message on November 19th was literally for me. I woke up thinking about some things I am expecting from God, and a thought came to my mind that “we believe God can do it but the question is will God do it for me?” which was what Pastor Sola said during the message.

Church, during the message he also mentioned that your uncle gave you a job and all you complain about is your terrible boss without thanking God for the job you have. This is my exact position.

Testimony 1.

Pastor Sola called me out during a certain mercy encounter in early 2021 and he prayed for me to get a job because I was jobless at that time. Less than a week later, my uncle called me and linked me to my present company. The pay was small but miraculously my salary kept on increasing and I now earn more than X2 of how much I used to earn.

Testimony 2.

God miraculously provided for my wedding ceremony. When the planning started I didn’t have any money anywhere, all I had was little for introduction but God provided for all the expenses and after the wedding, we had about 700k left with us.

Testimony 3.

I am now the coordinator of my department in my company.

Testimony 4.

I thank God for Personal development in my field. I have done some valuable training in my field.

Testimony 5.

I thank God for ending the cycle of death and breaking the yoke of poverty in my family. I noticed a five yearly pattern of death in my family (my sister died in a car crash, five years later my brother slept and he didn’t wake up, five years later my mum died of COVID). It was after my mum died my wife introduced me to HOD and Pastor counseled me and also told me what to do.

Testimony 6.

I thank God for sound health, the gift of life and protection over my life. I travel a lot due to the nature of my job by land, water and even at night.

Testimony 7.

I thank God for giving me a free apartment to stay pending when I will relocate out of my present city or get my own space.

Testimony 8.

I have been praying personally (without their knowledge) for about 7 people for the fruit of the womb. Two have given birth this year. I pray God also blesses me with fruit of the womb as I am currently married and that He answers the remaining people too.

Testimony 9.

God has been providing for our needs miraculously. My boss miraculously gave incentive to staff and I got 500k.

Testimony 10.

My spiritual life has improved, I know I have a lot to do but I thank God for the journey so far.

Testimony 11.

The first major project I did with my company, we got attacked spiritually by a rival company. Our equipment kept on spoiling with no reasonable explanation. I prayed and fasted and God miraculously restored the equipment till we finished the project.

Testimony 12.

I believe and I thank God because I know I will celebrate and testify of our miracle babies next year .

From Mr A.

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