Good morning family,

I want to thank God for His goodness, which is forever. Last Sunday, God delivered me from kidnappers or ritualists.

I usually attend the three services, but I had a very hectic weekend and I was exhausted, so I decided to connect online for the first service and come physically for the second and third services.

When I got to Ogba, it was almost 9 a.m., so I was in a rush, trying to ensure that I got into the church before 9. Immediately, a car pulled over as I walked towards where I would get a keke napep to church, which ordinarily I would never have entered. But he said are you going to HOD? THE JOY THAT FILLED MY HEART AS I HEARD THE NAME, HOD, WAS VISIBLE!

I immediately hopped in, but, immediately I entered, the Holy Spirit asked me to get down. I thought I didn’t hear well, because I felt why would He tell me to get down since I was going to church? Then he spoke again: GET DOWN! At this point, I knew that something was wrong because I lost my peace immediately.

I looked at the guy driving, the one sitting beside him, and the one beside me, and I KNEW that truly, I had to get down. I greeted the guy sitting beside me, and his response made me more uncomfortable as he was too formal, even though he smiled. “Ah, these are not my people, OH” I said to myself. I looked at the door and discovered that the handle had also been removed. I immediately looked through the window and began to shout” SISTER SOLA, SIS SOLA SIS SOLA….. There was no sister in reality; I created mine. As I began to wave, I told her to quickly come over. Then, I looked at the guy driving and told him to park for my friend, who was also going to HOD. He became angry and told me that the police would arrest him. I told him to stop immediately because my friend must ride with us.

He stopped and drove off immediately, as I had hardly put out my second foot. They knew that I had discovered them, and that was why they couldn’t wait to pick up my invisible friend.

Nothing Missing…Nothing Broken!

Sis E.V.

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