Good morning church,

I just want to thank God for his protection. I was on my way back home two days ago and was casually going through my phone when I heard frantic shouts in the bus. I looked up to see that the bus was almost running into an inflammable tanker on the third mainland bridge. When I say “almost”, it was about two or three inches away from the tanker!

When I saw that I just whispered “nothing missing, nothing broken and God can not order my steps into death” I don’t know how it happened but immediately our bus steadied and was back to normal.

Also, my account was low and I needed enough cash to do something. I didn’t even pray about it, I just thought about it and left it at that. Later that night, I received a message from a friend saying “send your account I want to gift you money” and she sent it within minutes.

Lastly, by divine orchestration I purchased my first piece of land. I remember one time Pastor Sola prayed about us getting lands and properties, I held on to that word and now it is a reality.

I give Glory to God for these and many more


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