In 2023, amidst challenging moments, mercy prevailed, showcasing God’s unwavering faithfulness. Despite the loss of my mother to a terminal illness, God provided an incredible strength—physically, mentally, and spiritually—becoming a profound testimony for my family. He took charge of everything, even the funeral arrangements, supporting me immensely as the eldest. In the midst of heartache and confusion, I held onto the belief that God had a perfect plan, never intending to abandon me on this journey.

While grappling with life’s uncertainties and funeral plans, I applied for the UK exceptional global talent endorsement. Astonishingly, within 24 hours, I received the endorsement, a clear sign of God’s presence. Financial barriers loomed large due to the expenses incurred, yet miraculously, God supernaturally met every need as I prepared for the endorsement and visa process. Arriving in the UK, job hunting proved to be an uphill battle, with rejections even for roles I knew I was qualified for. Feeling disheartened, I contemplated returning to Nigeria by the second month, convinced of the challenges foreigners faced in the UK corporate world. However, I made a covenant with God, reaffirming His past guidance, pledging to share my testimony among other promises if provided with any job, even one paying £20,000 annually.

At the eleventh hour, God exceeded my expectations, blessing me with a job three times more lucrative than what I had envisioned, within the sector of my choice. He showed up during challenging times with overflow of divine intervention and support during a time of need. God supernaturally supplied all, surpassing what was expected and perceived as a barrier. He exceeded my initial expectations—a job three times more lucrative than I had imagined. God went far beyond what I could have anticipated or hoped for therefore eyes have not seen, ears have not heard , minds have not comprehended the things which God has prepared for us !

This  can only be described as  OVERFLOW.

Thank you Jesus!

Sis D.F.

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