Good morning church,

I am testifying of the Overflowing Blessings God is constantly bringing into my Life. When the year 2024 was declared the Year of the Overflow, I grabbed it with all belief.

The overflow of blessings started in January. I got a job opportunity based on referral without any interview paying in six figures, same month I got another offer for a remote training role, in addition to that, a training job I lost some time in 2023, gave me a call to come back with a full training paid for and then I would  begin to train on their platform.

Every month of the year 2024 has come with overflowing blessings for me and my family with success in our business, health, answered prayers and more.

Just last week after the message and prayers for the week by Pastor Sola, I got another opportunity from a random LinkedIn message and would also pay in six figures. All glory to God.

I thank God for the overflowing Blessings this period and I’m sure I will come back to share more every month.

Brother T.A.

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