I want to thank the name of the Lord all he has done

Firstly I want to say “Thank You Lord” for success in my exam. Last year, I took a similar exam and failed. This made me so hesitant to take the exam again because I didn’t want to fail again.

However, on entering this year with all the declarations pastor Sola made, I knew I had to make good use of this year, so I re-registered for the exam, not the same one, but one even higher and more recognized than the previous one.

The Sunday before the exam, Director Tolu prayed over choristers, that those who were writing exams would be successful, and I keyed in. I went to write my exam that Saturday, I felt so much peace, as against the usual anxiety.

When I came out of the hall the examiner gave me my exam scores and I had passed.

Secondly, the is a delayed testimony from last year, I want to take God for taking me outside Nigeria with no cost to be at all as it was covered by my company.

Thirdly I want to thank God for an increase to my salary from the month of September.

Thank you Jesus, I am grateful for your constant love.




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