I just want to thank God that I grew up in this house literally.

I was 13 years old when I first started attending the household of David and now I’m 23. I remember being a young boy then, I would sit and hear pastor preach about hearing God’s voice a handful of Sundays, and I remember God telling me even as a small boy then to get into tech. Please remember at this time tech was not really what it is now. I’m grateful to God that I grew up in a place where I was taught on how to hear God for myself.

Secondly, I participated in an international tech competition in which I was one of the winners and winning comes with fat prize money but because I’m Nigerian, sending the money down here was a major issue for them as the company only sent out funds using payPal for legal reasons.

I couldn’t get my prize money for months so I reached out to one of the directors here in church who prayed with me and to the glory of God, a few weeks after, the company reached out and sent the funds even against their own policy.

I just want to thank God for favour and that I belong to the household of David where I get to learn and live scriptural principles and see the results in every area of my life.


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