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During the last edition of Mercy Encounters, three things I sought the lord for on a piece of paper, and five things I canceled as things I don’t want in my life as instructed by Pastor Sola. One of the things I wanted was I want God’s presence to be so heavily displayed in my life.

After prayers that morning when I went home, I saw a neighbor of mine that I seldom see. An elderly man close to 60 in age thereabout. After exchanging pleasantries I asked “what happened to your hand Sir?”. In his words “this hand is useless… (Otiku) it is dead for many weeks now.” I asked how it happened out of empathy. He came back home and told his wife “wonti tukan lowo mi” which means they have taken something out of my hand, and the hand has been like this (paralysed) ever since.

I said sorry … epele sir due to the fact that he does craft work mostly with his hands. As we were about leaving each other. I called him and said “Daddy come let me pray with you” because the consciousness of the 3 things I prayed for came upon me. I said short words of prayer with him holding the hand, commanded the hand to come back to life and he said “amen” earnestly. People of God! When I felt the hand properly, I said in my heart – this hand is really dead and my faith almost jumped out through my ears, but my mouth wouldn’t stop speaking life into the hand. His wife saw me praying with him so she had to wait.

The next day, I took the special invitation card home with the intention of “if my prayer NO WORK – Mighty men of GOD will address the matter at the Mercy Conference”. I saw him and gave his wife the card in my hand. “How is your hand ?” I asked, after greeting them. He Just started saying thank you repeatedly with a big smile on his face. The hand is fine now! He was able to move it like someone who just got a new hand. ’Can I touch it? ’ I asked like Doubting Thomas, he said “ohun re” (here it is) it was different and alive when I shook his hand.

The couple were thankful for God’s glorious healing, We thanked God together. I Raced into my room with Joy and now I know… that the resurrection of Jesus can’t be stopped.

Bro O.M

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